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Posted by orts on 2005.10.21 at 10:22
Less ice time, fewer points part of Trevor Linden's evolution with Canucks.

Not much in there that we don't already know, I'm sure! But it's good to see him remembered.

Posted by orts on 2005.09.12 at 13:12
Hey, all,

I currently live in Toronto but, since I am BC-born, am glad to have my reasons not to cheer for the Leafs.

Got a few good Trevor Linden stories, I think. What's not to love about such a good union man, and a hockey player who says his favourite book is Orwell's Animal Farm?

And I used to work in a coffee bar in Kits ("Expressohead"), now no longer existent I think, where Linden visited a few times. Once he came in, on a date it seemed, and got two large skim-milk mochas (which I absent-mindedly put whole milk in, thereby no doubt throwing off his training regimen). I recall I asked him how his summer had been, and he answered "Short!" (it must have been the semi-glorious fall of 1994). We smiled.

I was also there when he was traded to the Islanders, and (I so rarely go to hockey games, but my parents were in town, and my sister's partner is a huge hockey fan) we happened to be there for his return on the other side; he got a heartfelt ovation. I seem to recall Bure and Mogilny scored a lot of exciting goals that day for Vancouver, who won, but how bittersweet it was. Ah, the Mike Keenan years were so very dark in Vancouver. Productive or not, I'll take Linden over Messier any day. It's so good to have him back.

Posted by lilorchid on 2005.08.05 at 18:47
Hey everyone, Because I am a nerd, I have discovered that the canucks
have a three part series called "The Trevor Linden Story." Check it
out: Trevor Linden rocks so hard

So far, they only have two parts out, but I think if you check back in
about a week, the third part will be added too. There's several other
clips that are pretty cool too. I CAN'T WAIT FOR HOCKEY TO START AGAIN!

Trevor in the news....

Posted by lilorchid on 2005.01.20 at 16:36
Was browsing through the online Sun and came across a piece about Linden.... What a stand up guy. Oh man, I hope they settle soon. I'm needs my trevor linden hockey ! ;) Anyways, happy reading!


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