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Posted by rainbowroyalty on 2008.01.06 at 21:26
Saw Linden and the rest of the Canucks at Superskills yesterday.  =)
It would be great if the Canucks win the Stanley cup this year, and then Linden will finally get his cup.

Posted by orts on 2007.04.24 at 09:30
Linden had a fantastic game last night, and shares the team lead in points after the first round.

That's just awesome.

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Posted by erikthedane on 2007.01.02 at 21:14
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How great has it been to see Trev on this points streak?
He seems to be playing with so much more jump, and Vigneault (sp?) is giving him more ice time than Crawford EVER did.

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Posted by erikthedane on 2006.10.06 at 05:29
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Trev got his 300th goal as a Canuck tonight! Hot damn! I know he's not the scorer he used to be, but it's just extra special when he tallies one. I like him and Josh Green together. My hope is Trev can get us 15 - 20 goals this season. Am I being realistic? What does everybody else think?

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Canucks to re-sign Trev

Posted by erikthedane on 2006.08.12 at 14:53
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Hell yeah! And put the "C" back on him while you're at it!

There are many who would say that Trevor isn't the player he was. I don't care. He's meant a lot to the team over the years and deserves to be back. It just isn't the Canucks without him in the lineup.


Congratulations, Trevor.....

Posted by erikthedane on 2006.04.13 at 20:06
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...on your 1000th game in a Canuck uniform!

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Where is my head?!

Posted by erikthedane on 2006.04.12 at 21:11
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Posted by lilorchid on 2005.11.20 at 23:15
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woot Linden scored on the penalty shot this afternoon! But seriously, what was with all the penalties in the game?!

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